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The Big and Small Picture: Welcome to the Galaxy

Note: Although many are unaware, as spiritual beings, we are all receiving messages from Higher Sources. The Native American elders would tell us that Great Spirit speaks to us in every blade of grass if we but have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I received this message last night, so here it is.]

What is happening on our little blue planet is just a reflection of something that is transpiring on a much larger scale throughout the galaxy. The fight between freedom and autocracy is as old as time itself, at least in this most recent galactic time period. We forget that we are members of a much larger galactic union, metaphorically, our own Star Trek United Federation of Planets. What we do here has consequences far beyond our tiny communities, countries, and world. The energy of spiritual awakening and the struggle for truth and the rights of all beings literally resounds thousands of light years beyond our small solar system. We have long been a key battleground of light versus dark, awakening and enlightenment versus blindness and ignorance. As we go, so the galaxy goes. The Orion Central Command guides us and reminds us that our greatest weapon is love. Raising the love consciousness is our true mission and why we lightworkers volunteered so long ago to be the peaceful warriors of hope, faith, and love on this little third rock from the sun and on so many other planets. We may be guided by peace, but that does not mean we are weak. In fact, that inner calm, centeredness, and certainty is our strength. Thus, when need be, we can be the fiercest warriors to overcome oppression, fear, and darkness.

We are the role models following our greatest role models of God and Goddess who are the essence of unconditional love, compassion, kindness, understanding, and clarity. We do not seek fame, power, or fortune for ourselves. Rather, we seek empowerment and prosperity for all so that all may participate in the generosity and kindness of the Divine Mother and Father. As the children of life, it is the legacy of all beings to be part of the One. Sadly, there are those who have become lost in the hunger quest for fame, power, and fortune, and they bring division and chaos wherever they go. The love consciousness has withered in their hearts, and with that, the loss of compassion, empathy, and mercy. Unknowingly, they have severed their connection to the One and to each other. For them, it is every being for themselves, a lonely and empty journey in the end.

So, this is a wake up call. A reminder to all who volunteered to fight the good fight for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.” That phrase from the Declaration of Independence was not just for a small group of British Colonies in 1776 but is a declaration of rights for all beings transcending time and space. It is a clarion call for love and justice that all good folk must answer.

How do we answer? It will not always be in the big things—the macro events of combating unjust wars, winning elections, performing heroic acts—but also the small things. A kind act. A smile. A birth of a beloved child. Feeding a starving kitten. Holding hands in a romantic moment. Laughter in joy and fun. A blissful wedding ceremony. Writing a poem. A beautiful sunset. Watching a favorite Harry Potter movie. These micro event light energies resonate far into the universe as well. They stimulate others to do the same and carry the message forward to the next receiver, essentially creating a two-way chain reaction of love and light. With enough of these large and small events, a galactic wide sphere of love and life is created interconnecting all our stars, planets, and beings. This propels us to our next evolutionary spiritual step; all beings and societies living in harmony and balance—filled with the light and unafraid of the dark.

Is this some sort of space-addled nonsense or a dream and a hope for not only a better world, but better worlds? The answer lies within each of us. It depends upon which we choose. As the Native American elders would say, which wolf do you choose to feed? The wolf of life and love or the wolf of power lust and greed. Your choice, but the future of a planet and a galaxy may rest on your answer. On each of our answers. I hear the call. Do you?

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