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A Fresh Cup of Tolerance pioneers a coherent, practical theology of the burgeoning Universalism Movement. It builds on strong spiritual foundations from Native American, Asian, Neopagan, Judeo-Christian, and Islamic traditions. Pragmatic and straightforward, it addresses the most pressing global dilemmas of our time: environment, globalization, feminism and gender issues, religious strife, oppression, poverty, war, and prejudice. Theologically, it systematically explores our many views of God; good, evil, sin, and suffering; revelation; spirituality in the digital age; the spirit of love and community; and so on. However, it is not just a pleasant treatise on love. It is a living, faith-in-action theology, free of rigid words (scriptures), beliefs (dogma), or practices (rituals).

With seven billion people on the planet, many more to come, cooperating and living (loving) together is a survival essential. In a crisis our best nature surfacesbut we seem unable to sustain a sense of true community and compassion for more than a few CNN weeks at a time. It is a spiritual priority to seek a means to sustain a loving community for longer periodswhether within the family, the community, the larger society, or the world. A theology of Universalism offers a pathway of hope.


"This book is a love letter to God/dess and to ourselves: eloquent, witty, inspiring, and challenging. After experiencing this, I'm proud to call myself a Miccosukee Universalist. Full of great actionable material."


REV. HOUSTON CYPRESS, Miccosukee Indian, environmental activist. and Coordinator of Love the Everglades Movement

"If you're a bit woo-woo, you're probably a Universalist, a seeker of universal truth and interfaith tolerance. This book is refreshing, inspiring, educational, and a practical for lightworkers. Tom is a true academic, theologian, mystic, and visionary spiritual leader, A must read for those who want to discover the guru within and feel the call to make a difference."


REV. NATALIE CALZADILLA, Spiritual Life/Business Coach, Illustrator, and host of Pachanga Podcast

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