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Our Lovely Blue Earth
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This isn't about me. It's about us. Our world. All of us. When we were ready to think up titles for the books, my wife, Cate, suggested A Fresh Cup because she says I am always saying just about anything can be settled over a good cup of coffee. I guess that is the counselor and facilitator in me. Thus, the Fresh Cup Series was born, starting with A Fresh Cup of Tolerance and A Fresh Cup of Counseling.

These books were written for all the Lightworkers out there; people who are simply trying to give a little more back to the world and not just take. Lightworkers bring more light and help us out of the darkness, and help us to embrace our wondrous and fascinating diversity.

Note: Cate is listed as an editor on A Fresh Cup of Tolerance, but she was far more than that. Rev. Cate Norris was a full-on contributor. Many of the ideas and concepts developed in the book were the result of many discussions with her, and yes, she is also one hell of a tough editor. The publishing house guidelines did not allow her to be listed as a contributor, so I just want to emphasize her significant and inspirational role for both books. 

Tom's Bio

Okay, this is the stuff about me. 

I have taught in the Religious Studies Department at Florida International University since 2005, but have also taught psychology at the university level since 1980. I currently teach World Religions, Introduction to Religion, and Liberation Theology. With 53 years of counseling experience, I am the head of the spiritual and pastoral counseling agency, Inner Life Transformations, which has provided online counseling for people worldwide since 2011. I am also the founder and senior minister of Medicine Signs Spiritual Center, a Universalist church that has served people around the world since 1992.


Throughout my career, I have been a social worker, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, and individual, group, marital, and family therapist. I have a Masters Degree of Social Work from Barry University. In 1997, I was called to the ministry and obtained a Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from the Florida Center for Theological Studies. I live happily with my wife Cate in South Florida, and am the proud father of a son and daughter and a grandfather to four beautiful grandchildren. In addition to my already-published books, I am working on two new books in the Fresh Cup SeriesA Fresh Cup of Spiritual Living: 52 Ways in 52 Weeks to Change your Life and A Fresh Cup of Liberation: 21st Century Liberation Theology. Once those are complete, A Fresh Cup of Manhood: Being the Good 21st Century Man, Father, Partner, Date is on the drawing board.

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