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American Principles and Universalist Principles Have a Lot in Common!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

My brothers and sisters, I have been saddened and disheartened by what is happening to our country. The violence, distrust, fear, lies, and hate that has come to divide us seem very unAmerican. It also violates just about every Universalist principle I can imagine. I am a Universalist Minister and have run a Universalist Church, Medicine Signs Spiritual Center, for thirty years. Many of you reading this have participated in our Sacred Circles, meditation and study groups, Spirit Nights, and social activities. We have been tiospaye, Lakota for spiritual family. So, I cannot stand idly by and watch all I believe in crumble before my eyes without taking a stand.

  • An ancient tradition is that Ascended Master St. Germain carries the purple-violet Freedom Flame. It was an essential spiritual tool assisting the birth of our nation and its freedom principles. Today, we need that flame more than ever because American democracy, as we have known it and worked for it, is truly in danger. The fix is simple and does not require violence: the ballot box and social activism. Freedom and democracy are foundational Universalist principles. In WWII, my father and several million others fought the scourge of fascist, autocratic rulers, Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. Their blood and courage saved us and the world from losing our freedoms and democratic rights. I pray their sacrifice was not in vain.

  • In Universalism, we are all brothers and sisters, children of God, red, brown, black, yellow, and white. Unity in diversity is another foundational Universalist principle. Some 2000 years ago, many Native American Medicine Men and Women received The Rainbow Nation Prophecy. It foretold that the Americas would eventually become a gateway of spirituality, uniting all the tribes of man, regardless of race, ethnicity, or color. Like Jesus, Muhammad was inclusive in his actions and theology. In his last sermon, he stated, “Even as the fingers of the hand are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any right, nor any preference, to claim over another.” He added this was true for Muslims and Non-Muslims, as well as Black and White people. He also affirmed the equality of women under the eyes of Allah. The ideals of equality, written in our Declaration of Independence, assert that all are considered equal. No one is better than another by birth, race, color, ethnicity, wealth, sexual preference, or privilege.

  • Universalists are a people of peace. We encourage debate, discussion, and freedom of thought and speech, as long as it does not cause harm. We can agree to disagree. We accept that we are not always right. We accept that we will not always win. Except for the Civil War, throughout our history, Americans have accepted when their party or candidate did not win. They didn’t like it, but it was the American way and the price of freedom. They also knew there would be a time when their party or candidates would win. That, too, was the American way. I didn’t like it when Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, George McGovern, Al Gore, or Hilary Clinton lost their presidential bids, but I reluctantly accepted it. None of us contemplated overthrowing the U.S. government because we lost. We were just determined to try harder the next time.

  • Finally, Universalists try to be truth-seekers and truth-tellers. But, unfortunately, there is so much misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies out there now we seem to have become a land of outlandish conspiracy theories. I teach my college students to be critical thinkers, follow the facts, and reach conclusions based on factual evidence. Unfortunately, this seems to be a dying art under the onslaught of social media opinion as fact. I urge you to adopt those critical thinking principles as well.

So, between now and Tuesday, please vote your heart and conscience for peaceful people of heart and conscience. Ignore the false prophets of fear, anger, and lies. Instead, stand up for the democratic rights of your friends and family to ensure freedom for the next generation of children. Those freedoms are about a woman’s right to choose, racial and economic equality, living in a world where climate change is not destroying us, voting rights, justice for all, LGBTQ rights, and so many more. This is your call to action!

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