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Conversations with God/Goddess

I recently came across a spiritual message I received around 2002 and thought it would be worth sharing. It occurred in a meditation where I asked to speak directly with God/Goddess. Obviously, the message differs somewhat from the all-seeing, all-powerful church God most of us were raised with, but the message felt very real. Some interesting food for thought.

“So God/Goddess has said to me that he struggles within, even as we. As above, so below. We are truly created in his image, mirrors of relative growth and vastness.

Even God is blind beyond the limits of his vision—that which is above and beyond—the uncreated. His/her unknown abilities yet to be seen. God has some clarity within the fog of an everchanging creation at the level of his actions and thoughts.

God sees clearly that which is below—all that has already been, done, created, lived within, and learned from. And, so it is with us. We, too, are blind beyond our abilities and the unknown.

We have more or less clarity at the level of our understanding in the present. We are seeing life in motion and it is fairly recognizable. We are even somewhat co-creating.

We see much more clearly that which is below—past, static in memory, done, experienced, lessons learned (if we choose).

Amazingly, this bottom Below is the guide to the top Above. Lessons learned today show the way for new creation and new lessons to be learned.”

As we have said so many times before, God/Goddess is the Many and the One, the One and the Many. As mirrors, so are we. As Above, So Below!

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