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Holistic Spiritual Counseling and Activism: Being the Peaceful Warriors

By its very nature, holistic spiritual counseling is an activist space. Holistic means taking in the whole power of body, mind, heart, and soul. Spiritual brings in the presence of Spirit. As holistic spiritual counselors we are committed to the rights of all. Our pluralistic or Universalist spiritual stance embraces everyone and everything everywhere. Whether it is the rights of women and children, men, LGBTQ+, ethnic and indigenous peoples, racial groups, seniors, nationalities, the mentally or physically challenged, we are committed to their right to life, love, justice, freedom, and equality. It all comes down to our essential compassion and empathy for those needing help, love, and support. At some point in each human’s life, they will need that and, as counselors, we are part of their support team. It is why we do what we do and why we were called to this blessed work.

Activism can take many forms. In the 1960s I was a peace, civil rights, and student rights activist. I peacefully marched and sang and prayed in many protests. In 2020, I continued the tradition by marching in Washington, D.C. in the Black Lives Matters protests in front of the White House.

Protest is one way. Another is by the blogs and books I write and the Podcasts I participate in. Some go on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to spread the word. And, if those are not your thing, then the work we do everyday in individual, group, couples, and family counseling is activist because we are helping wounded and neglected people become empowered and feel important, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Activists transform lives and society. They help us bring out not just our better angels, but our best angels.

Holistic spiritual counseling is a young profession, but it is gaining momentum as more and more people are opening to nontraditional ways to improve their lives. It really helps and it really works. So, if you are a professional in the counseling, mental health, and coaching fields and you want to up your game, adding Spirit to your toolbox will help you and your clients immeasurably. Become a Peaceful Warrior and an activist for humanity. [Note: A wonderful book that underscores the peaceful warrior ways is Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.]

To find out more, go to or read A Fresh Cup of Counseling: A Handbook of Spiritual Counseling and A Fresh Cup of Tolerance: Universalism—The New Religion of Tolerance. [Available on Amazon.} As I found, when I added Spirit to my work, it was a blessing to my growth and healing as well as my clients.

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